The 3 Big Reasons Why Your Grocery Store Needs a Pallet Jack

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Grocery stores have come a long way from the market stands of yore.

They very well may be the closest thing to a one-stop shop, as the big box stores never seem to have the greatest grocery selection.

These groceries stores deal with a dizzying amount of foot traffic any given day, both on the main floor and throughout the inventory areas in the back.

Deliveries and inventory in most grocery stores are wheeled around on pallet jacks filled with all sorts of food and merchandise.

This is why the use of a pallet truck in grocery stores is so important.

If your grocery store does not currently use pallet jacks, you’re not only missing out on all the benefits they bring, you may also be putting your employees’ health at risk.

Lets break it down.

Using A Pallet Jack Is Efficient and Cost Effective

Pallet trucks allow the user to lift and move thousands of pounds with minimal effort, whether manual or electronic.

Warehouse work alone is grueling enough.

A pallet jack means that your employees will only have to deal with an initial unloading, and from there, moving the stock around with a pallet jack is a breeze.

Electric pallet jacks can move around that stock even faster (the main advantage they have over manual ones.) The faster the stock is moved, the more revenue made.

If you opt for a manual jack, you’re looking at a tool that operates solely on manpower.

Manpower equals less strain on your wallet, as maintenance on these machines is rarely needed, compared to an electric jack or a forklift.

Pallet Jacks Easy To Use

Pallet jacks don’t require certification like a forklift does, and they are able to fit in tighter spaces.

This means that even if you already have dedicated forklift drivers, having a pallet truck around can come up clutch in tight situations, quite literally.

You also won’t have to worry about having certified employees scheduled certain days. Pallet jacks are safe and easy to use for employees of all ages, and require no license to operate.

Pallet Jacks are Good for Your Employee’s Health

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stresses how pallet jacks prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Even with perfect lifting form, moving inventory in a grocery store can create serious bodily wear and injury. A pallet truck takes the lion’s share of that stress and takes it well.

Pallet jacks also reduced workplace noise and emit zero emissions, unlike fork lifts.

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You owe it to your business to invest in these safe, efficient machines sooner rather than later.

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