Can Your Company Benefit From an Electric Pallet Jack?

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Electric Pallet Jack

Most pallet jack manufacturers make offer both manual and electric versions. Electric pallet jacks make things easier on employees who would otherwise be moving heavy loads manually. They are able to lift and move with the touch of a button, and often warehouses that are large and have objects that are awkward to move benefit from the use of an electric pallet jack over a manual one.

Productivity Increase: Electric pallet jacks are able to quickly and easily cover larger distances. They can also lift heavier loads, so in addition to being easier on employees, electric pallet jacks have the potential to increase productivity. This might mean that you need less manual pallet jacks, and if you don’t need a larger forklift option there are huge savings for your budget.

Improved Ergonomics: Back strain and fatigue are serious workplace problems associated with manually pulling and pushing objects, moving long distances, or pumping a manual pallet jack. By switching to an electric option and putting pressure on a machine rather than a person, the strain is removed from employees and your company might have a reduction in reported injuries or claims.

Overall, whether an electric pallet jack is best for your company depends on your needs- are your employees tired and overworked? Are the manual pallet jacks taking too long to cover the distance they need to? Do you need a higher lifting capacity than what you currently have? If this is the case, an electric pallet jack could be a benefit to your company.

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