Checklist: Do You Have These Loading Dock Supplies?

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loading dock equipment

Having an efficient loading dock is key to minimizing the cost of your logistics operations. But to have the most efficient operation, you need to have all the right loading dock equipment.

Is your loading dock running as smoothly as it could? Does it have all the equipment your staff need to deliver the best possible results?

We’ve compiled key details about the types of pallet jacks and truck stops available. Plus the reasons why you need to have them in place and ready to go at all times.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks allow your workforce to safely lift and transport heavy goods throughout the warehouse and onto vehicles with minimal effort.

Employee injury can cost you in terms of your insurance costs and lost productivity, so investing in quality pallet jacks just makes sense.

If your warehouse regularly handles particularly heavy or wet loads, corrosion resistant pallet jacks are your best bet. These won’t need replacing or fixing as often as regular jacks, though they still need maintenance from time to time.

If your staff is handling very heavy loads, it might be wise to invest in electric pallet jacks to help them lift. This will help to prevent accidents while lifting, and your employees will feel less tired – so they’ll be able to work harder for longer.

Plus, emergency stop buttons on electronic models make them even safer than their fully manual counterparts.

Remember that working with pallet jacks can be hazardous. Make sure all your staff are properly trained up, and regularly re-trained, to avoid injuries.

There are some things you need to think about for the warehouse itself, too. For example, OSHA recommends that all doors have windows. This is so that employees who are moving pallet jacks can see what’s on the other side of the door.

Pallet Truck Stops

As well as the pallet trucks themselves, you need to have enough pallet truck stops in your warehouse. They also need to be available for pallet trucks in transit.

These will stop your pallet trucks moving around while being loaded or unloaded. This is really important for safety, and it also reduces the risk of goods falling off and getting damaged.

But it also helps your workforce be more efficient, as they aren’t trying to rebalance pallet trucks during the process.

The best pallet trucks will be covered in non-slip materials, to make sure there’s no room for movement in any direction. Keep them well out of the way when not in use, to avert a tripping hazard.

Need New Pallet Jacks or Truck Stops for your Loading Dock Supplies?

We stock a wide range of pallet jacks, truck stops and related accessories to meet your logistics needs.

We can advise you on which of our standard, premium, and heavy duty pallet jacks will suit your business. Plus, we can offer advice on maintaining your jacks to get the best use from them.

We even sell pallet jacks with built-in scales, to save your workforce extra time on the warehouse floor!

For more information and personalized advice, contact us today.

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