Customize Your Pallet Jack

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Custom Pallet Jack

Are all Pallet Jacks created equal? No. And more importantly, everyone’s operations and applications are different. Sometimes a standard, in stock pallet jack may not fit the bill and you need a custom pallet jack. That’s when we need to take a look at your requirements and determine whether we are able to revise an existing pallet jack or custom design one to meet the needs of your unique requirements.

Here are just some of the unique types we are able to provide:

• Standard Pallet Jacks

• Low and Ultra Low Profile Pallet Jacks

• 4-Way Entry Pallet Jacks

• Roll and Skid Jacks

• Heavy and Super Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks

• Single Fork Pallet Jacks

• Corrosive Resistant (wet applications)

On top of that, our customization can go even farther with pallet truck wheel and roller options, different brake attachment types, and other options such as custom paint colors or load stabilizers! For more information on customizable options, take a look at our page here to request options and different capabilities.


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