Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks: How Much Can They Really Do?

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Galvanized Pallet Jack

In some industrial settings, a manual pallet jack just won’t cut it. There’s plenty of heavy objects, and plenty of repetitive motions that could result in stress injuries for employees, and as a result a motorized pallet jack is required for the job. Electric pallet jacks can lift more weight, carry it farther, and require zero effort in comparison to their manual counterparts. In a warehouse where extremely heavy items need to be moved, a heavy duty pallet jack is required.

Things to think of when looking at heavy duty pallet jacks include ergonomic and user friendly designs, the controls on the machine, and how much you need to lift. Some pallet jacks can lift well over several thousand pounds, and a good way to tell if they will fit your needs is to know what exactly you will be needing the pallet jacks for- Do you need steel wheels and rollers for maximum performance with high loads? Rubber wheels for electrical environments? Steel enforced pallet jacks to carry heavy loads? Corrosion resistant paint?

All of these questions are answerable by a specialist if you know how the pallet jack will be applied in your warehouse. If necessary, it is even possible to create a custom pallet jack with pallet jack manufacturers to fit your application.

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