How Can an Electric Pallet Jack Improve Warehouse Efficiency?

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electric pallet jack

Do you currently manage a warehouse? If so, your business is just one of the 4,500 businesses in the warehousing and storage industry within the United States.

It’s an industry that’s worth an estimated $20 billion in total. And more of those earnings could be yours – all you need to do is figure out how to improve the efficiency of your warehouse.

Enter electric pallet jacks. Adding one to your fleet can benefit your business in many different ways.

Below are 4 of the benefits your warehouse or industrial business can receive when you purchase an electric pallet jack.

1. Cover Long Distances in Less Time

With an electric pallet jack, employees can cover a greater amount of distance in considerably less time.

And when they can cut down the amount of time they’re spending from one load to the next, they’ll be able to fit more into their shift. When your employees are more productive, your entire operation will benefit and efficiency as a whole will improve.

2. Better Ergonomics

With manual pallet jacks, even though they are a great aid in moving your product around more easily, they are still manually operated and involve pushing and/or pulling loads which could cause some back strain and fatigue.

However, an electrically powered pallet jack eliminates these issues, as employees no longer have to lift and propel product because the jack does it for them.

3. Increased Visibility

Because they have a simple design, pallet jacks that are electric provide employees with a better range of visibility than other types of jacks and forklifts.

As a result of additional visibility, employees can locate and retrieve product more quickly, making your operation that much more efficient. There’s also bound to be fewer accidents in the warehouse because the floor is easier to see and navigate.

4. Safe for Workers

Electric pallet jacks will be easier for employees to operate than their manual counterparts. As such, they are safer for your team and can make their tasks easier to complete. Less time spent operating machinery equals more time getting the job done, which results in a more efficient operation overall.

And because they’re easier to use, there is less risk of accidents occurring while employees are at work.

Buy an Electric Pallet Jack Today

These 4 benefits are far from the only ones you can avail of by adding an electric pallet jack to your fleet.

If you’re wondering where you can buy one, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

No matter what your business specializes in, we can help you find the perfect pallet jack for your operation and needs. We have many different models for this exact reason.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and speak to one of our service providers today. You’ll have an uber-efficient warehouse in no time.

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