Jacked Up: Four Great Pallet Jack Options for Your Business

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Are you in need of pallet jacks for day-to-day operations in your business?

Using a pallet jack can help your employees work safer and more efficiently. But to maximize the benefit to your company, you a solid, reliable pallet jack. You must also train your employees about the proper way to use this equipment.

After all, OSHA reported that from 2002 to 2016, there were a total of 56 serious injuries that took place while using pallet jacks.

Read on to learn about 4 dependable, yet affordable pallet jacks on the market today.

1. Workhorse Model # WHPREMIUM2748

The Workhorse Premium Pallet Jack offers a great package at an affordable price.

These pallet jacks can handle up to a 5,500-pound load. They also have grease fittings — which helps them last longer and hold up to wear and tear.

The Premium pallet jack has been designed with your worker’s safety in mind. Its channel steel frame is lightweight and easy to use. This helps your employees limit the strain on their back, while also being able to move large loads.

2. Workhorse Model #WHPREMIUM2748-GALVANIZED

Are you going to be moving heavy loads in many different types of weather?

If so, the Workhorse Premium Galvanized Pallet Jack is a great option.

This pallet jack combines all the features of the Premium model but is corrosion resistant. This means you can use its 48-inch fork length in all sorts of weather conditions, wet or dry.

The jack also comes with nylon wheels, allowing a user to navigate a load on many different kinds of surfaces with ease.

3. Workhorse Model #WHPREMSCALE2748

The Workhorse Premium Pallet Jack with a scale allows its user to move heavy loads and keep track of their weight.

This can be convenient for when you are loading trucks and need an accurate weight measurement. Instead of having to move the load onto a scale, you will instantly be able to see its weight.

It has a maximum load capacity of 4,400 pounds, and the scale is built-in to the jack so that it can be used safely. That’s because the scale accurately measures a load from inside of its protective housing.

4. Workhorse Model #WHELECTRIC33

Do you handle larger loads and want added safety for your employees?

The Workhorse Electric Pallet Jack is a great option. It has a reinforced steel frame and forks. That, along with its sealed 24V/80Ah battery, helps you move loads safely — and fast.

It can travel at 3.6 miles per hour unladen, but can still move at 3.3 mph while loaded. Both speeds are much faster than a worker can move them manually on their own.

Wrapping Up: Finding the Best Pallet Jack for Your Needs

A pallet jack can be a worthwhile investment in your business. That’s because using pallet jacks can help you move large loads with less stress on your employees.

At Seattle Pallet Jacks, we offer a wide range of affordable pallet trucks for your business. Our staff is dedicated to finding the best products for your company and will work with you to find what you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help your business.

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