Maintaining Your Pallet Jack

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Pallet Jacks

According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And it always seems to do so at the worst possible moment! Especially if material handling products are not maintained, they tend to break down eventually. Preventative maintenance tends to lay low on the priority list, but a good way to stay on top of this issue is by making a checklist- and don’t forget to include your pallet jacks! Most of the following issues are preventable, or can be solved by ordering parts from pallet jack manufacturers if they are caught soon enough.

Wheels: Pallet jack wheels can become worn over time, and if they get cracks it can disrupt transportation of loads and make the job more difficult and time consuming. It’s easy enough to have these replaced before a bigger problem is caused. Check the floors the pallet jacks operate on as well for surface variances that could cause issues with the wheels.

Rust: Keep an eye out on both manual and electric pallet jacks for this, and don’t leave your pallet jack outside in the rain.

Joints: Moving parts on a pallet jack can be damaged if jarred or unlubricated. To keep the pallet jack in top shape, regularly make sure steering joints are lubricated and that they are operating on even surfaces.

Batteries: For electric pallet jacks, the batteries must be charged regularly. For the longest lasting use, charge the batteries completely to fully restore the battery life.

These are the most important aspects and pallet jack parts to check and consider to keep your equipment in the best working condition. Prolonging your pallet jack’s useful lifespan means using preventive maintenance before you need to use a pallet jack repair service. Don’t let this important part of operations slip through the cracks!


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