Narrow Storage Made Easy With Pallet Jacks

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Pallet Jack

Whether you have a warehouse or a simple stockroom, you’ll face the same problem. How do you maximize the available space?

The warehouse and storage industry is worth $20 billion per year. Finding more space is key to your success.

But if you can’t expand the physical envelope of the building, turning to narrow storage solutions could be one answer.

Let’s look at how you can turn these narrow spaces to your advantage.

Create Narrow Aisles for More Storage

The wider the aisles, the less space you have to store items. The width of your aisles is dictated by the width of your forklift truck.

The forklift also enables you to store pallets on higher shelving. Maximizing your floor storage space often means stacking high. So don’t ditch your forklifts just yet – you’ll still need them.

But you can free up space and find more storage by changing the layout of your warehouse.

Keep the wider aisles nearer the dock to shorten travel times for the forklift.

Create more narrow aisles nearer the back specifically for use with smaller items. These may be items that you don’t access as often.

You might find it possible to move these items to a different stockroom to free up further space. If you can’t, use your shelving to create ‘stockrooms’ within your storage space. Use different trucks or jacks for each ‘room’.

Not all of your aisles need to be the same width. Getting creative with your footprint could maximize efficiency as well as space.

For Narrow Storage, Use Narrow Pallet Jacks

Forklift trucks are great for moving large pallets around your warehouse. But how do you fill the narrow storage gaps between them?

A wide forklift won’t cut it. Instead, use a narrow pallet jack. They’re designed for narrow aisles and they’re perfect for smaller pallets.

Using Them Couldn’t be Easier.

Slide the blades under the pallet.

Use the hydraulic pump to jack up the pallet. Move the jack wherever it needs to go in your warehouse and ease the pallet into place.

Lower the jack and remove, leaving the pallet in place.

It would take hours to move the same loads by hand. Pallet jacks are easy to operate when you get the knack.

Delegate these tasks to workers who aren’t qualified to operate heavier machinery. There are around 34,900 serious injuries caused by forklifts every year. Using pallet jacks helps to alleviate those.

Save time while you’re saving space.

Pallet jacks are also ideal for the narrow storage spaces often found in supermarkets. They’re easy to operate and they won’t put your customers at risk.

Want To Make a Difference To Your Warehouse?

You can already think of several spaces in your warehouse where you can utilize narrow storage. Maybe you have dead space between racks. Or you have narrow slots near the dock that you’ve never used because they’re too narrow for a forklift.

You can free up so much of that space. Get in touch with us and we’ll find the best pallet jack for you.

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