Operating a Pallet Jack is Simple Once You Know How

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Pallet Jack

Pallet jacks seem simple to operate, but without any prior knowledge they can be a bit confusing for a newbie. With proper use, pallet jacks are an easy way to move palletized loads from place to place in a warehouse, and offer some huge benefits compared to the strain and extra time it would take to hand carry heavy loads. These simple steps can help in training your employees on the proper use of a manual pallet jack.

Know the weight capacity of your pallet jack so you don’t overload before you start.

Lower the forks to the ground by pressing on the pallet jack’s release handle; they should only be an inch or two off the ground when fully lowered.

Line up the forks with the corresponding openings in the pallet.

Slide the pallet jack under the loaded pallet.

Pump the pallet jack’s handle in order to raise the forks and lift the pallet and load completely off the ground.

Pro tip: the load is more stable if it is kept low to the ground, so it is not necessary to lift it as high as the pallet jack can go.

Wheel the load by pulling the handle where you need to go.

Release the handle and remove the pallet jack forks from under the load when finished.

If there is any issue completing these steps, (i.e. the pallet jack wheels are not moving smoothly, or there are other pallet jack parts that don’t seem to be working) you may need a pallet jack repair service. Sometimes you can repair pallet jacks by ordering necessary parts from pallet jack manufacturers and doing it yourself! For the most part, however, pallet jacks tend to be extremely low maintenance equipment.

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