Pallet Jack Operation – Seattle, WA

Pallet Jacks (also referred to as pallet trucks) are easy to operate, but make your job of moving pallet loads and equipment from one location to another so much easier.

Just follow these step by step instructions:

  • Make sure the pallet truck is fully lowered by pressing the release lever located on the handle.
  • Roll the pallet jack’s forks into the two pallet slots on the front or rear of the pallet. You will need to apply some force because the pallet truck will need to roll over part of the pallet board.
  • Once the pallet jack is securely inserted into the pallet load, you will need to raise the pallet truck by pumping the handle until the pallet clears the floor completely. The release lever will need to be off and should stick out perpendicular from the handle.
  • You are now able to move your pallet load to its new destination by pulling the pallet by the pallet jack handle.
  • When you have reached your destination, lower the pallet jack by pressing the release lever, and pull the pallet truck from beneath the pallet.