How Pallet Truck Jacks Make Shipping Easier

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Pallet Truck

If not carefully planned and executed, shipping and logistics can easily become quite complicated. Especially if you own a business that ships large quantities of materials – be it directly from your warehouse or operation, or by truck trailers.

Enter the pallet truck. A close relative of the forklift, the pallet truck jack is used to move pallets. These can be inside of a warehouse, an office, or at your local P&D station.

Did you know? Pallet trucks have been in existence since before 1918. Though the technology behind them has advanced, their use remains the same.

In this post, we’ll unpack just a few of the ways utilizing a pallet truck jack can make shipping easier.

Increase Efficiency With a Pallet Truck

Are you looking to increase efficiency in your warehouse or business operation? If you are, (and what business owner isn’t?) you may want to put some thought into investing in a pallet truck.

For one, using a pallet truck jack in your warehouse or other business operation can reduce turnaround times when shipping orders. Why? The picking and packing of orders goes from a major undertaking (quite literally) to a simple task.

Depending upon the size of the order, it may not be possible for employees to physically lift and move the pallets themselves. And trying to do so is time-consuming.

However, with a pallet jack on hand and the ability to easily retrieve items for order fulfillment, the amount of time spent doing so is drastically reduced.

Increase Productivity, Too!

Pallet trucks can also aid in increasing overall productivity. With all of the different options available (different fork lengths, manual vs. electric, etc.) there is a pallet jack for every purpose and need.

As such, you can feel assured that there is a pallet jack designed with your industry in mind. You can maximize productivity by purchasing a pallet truck jack with the specific fork length you require. Ensure that you have the necessary equipment, and you’ll get orders fulfilled that much more quickly.

Pallet truck jacks can also improve the productivity of your dock operation.

Need to remove pallets from trailers with ease? There’s no longer a need to worry about causing employees fatigue which will cut down on the number of hours they’re able to work.

Invest in a pallet truck jack and you’ll no longer have issues removing or breaking pallets down from trailers. It’s a win-win all around!

Wondering how else investing in a pallet truck jack can benefit your business? Wonder no more!

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