Premium Pallet Jacks with Grease Fittings

Model # WHPREMIUM20.536

Model # WHPREMIUM2748

Workhorse™ is happy to present premium pallet jack models #WHPREMIUM20.536 and #WHPREMIUM2748. While still being affordable, these jacks have a number of useful features, such as grease fittings. Grease fittings allow the units to last longer even when used in wet environments.

Business owners and workers who are looking for an affordable and versatile pallet jack model (which can suit a variety of needs) will appreciate either one of these models. These pallet jacks have a solid capacity of 5,500 lbs. The high-quality German hydraulic pump mechanism ensures many years of service.

A heavy-duty frame made out of formed channel steel is lightweight but provides strength and durability. The 210-degree pivot action allows the pallet jack to be impressively maneuverable. It can conquer anything from congested supermarket aisles to the backs of trucks. WHPREMIUM20.536 and WHPREMIUM2748 can become irreplaceable assistants at any type of loading dock.

These pallet jacks are designed with the worker in mind, as they help to take the strain off the workers’ back. The models are intuitive to use and easy to move around. They are also small enough to warrant easy storage and large enough to have an impressive capacity. The variety of tasks these pallet jacks can be used to perform is endless. They feature robotic welds throughout and grease fittings on all movable parts that allow for easy maintenance. These models are some of the most durable pallet jacks on the market today.

Workhorse™ is proud to offer these two models of premium, grease fitting pallet jacks.


  • One-piece, formed channel steel, heavy duty frame on pallet jack
  • Powder coated finish
  • Quality rebuildable German hydraulic pump
  • 210 degree pivot action
  • Polyurethane wheels and rollers
  • Robotic welds throughout and grease fittings on all movable parts of pallet truck